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Companies located in CHINA - Xizang in the Restaurants industry
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NameCity, StateCountry
Bangor County Qinglong Township Agu Natural Zufunv CooperativeNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Bangor County Qinglong Township Gaxiong Village Xiongguo Natural Team Hezuo Orga nisationNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Baqen County Baqing Township Jiu Village Zhaxi Tatang Limin Specialty Cooperativ eNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Baqen County Hexie Xiangshang Farmers And Herdsmen CooperativesNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Biru County Qiaze Township Qurong Mubo Trading Co., Ltd.Naqu area, XizangCHINA
Bomi County Gu Township Gama Jiangcuo Rural Tourism Farmer & Herdsman Specialty CooperativLinzhi area, XizangCHINA
Chamdo Changjiangyuan Industry Co., Ltd.Changdu area, XizangCHINA
Chamdo Ruitingweisiting Catering Co., Ltd.Changdu area, XizangCHINA
Chongqing Jiaquanju Food and Drink Culture Co.,Ltd. Lhasa BranchLasa, XizangCHINA
Cuona County Juela Township Nianzha Village ShuanglianhuzangcandianShannan area, XizangCHINA
Dangxiong County Gumu Renjia Travel Holiday Farmer & Herdsman Specialty Cooperat iveLasa, XizangCHINA
Dazi Qubainaren'ang Rural Tourism Farmer Specialty CooperativeLasa, XizangCHINA
Gongbujiangda County Basong Family Hostel Farmer CooperativeLinzhi area, XizangCHINA
Gonggar County Gangdui Town Xuri Poverty Alleviation Catering Co., Ltd.Shannan area, XizangCHINA
Jiangda Township Taizhao Travel Farmer CooperativeLinzhi area, XizangCHINA
Jiangzi County Jinlun Catering Entertainment Co., Ltd.Rikaze, XizangCHINA
Jin'e RestaurantLasa, XizangCHINA
Lari Suolang Farmer & Herdsman Specialty CooperativeNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Alin Catering Management Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Bozha Coffee Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Desa Trading Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Husi Hexian Wild Vegetables Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Jiawei Catering Management Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Maji Ami Restaurant Chain Co.,Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Qishi Music PubLasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Qizhengbaimaqumi Garden Hotel Co.,Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Shuhong Catering Service Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Xiangmingxuan Tea Beverage Co.,Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Xuela Catering Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Yuanrun Commerce and Trade Co.,Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Lhasa Zhongcheng Catering Entertainment Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Liangqu Township Pala Village Farmer & Herdsman Specialty Hezuo Economy Organisa tionNaqu area, XizangCHINA
Linzhi Gongbu Deji Kangsang Catering Service Co., Ltd.Linzhi area, XizangCHINA
Linzhi Yingfa Trading Co., Ltd.Linzhi area, XizangCHINA
Longsangji Tibetan RestaurantLasa, XizangCHINA
Maizhokunggar County Jibala Catering Service Co., Ltd.Lasa, XizangCHINA
Milin County Qiangna Township Langduo Village Gangga Bunongmin Specialty Coopera tiveLinzhi area, XizangCHINA
Milin County Qiangna Township Nianglong Village Dongga Comprehensive Farmer Spec ialty CooLinzhi area, XizangCHINA
Mozhugongka Zangjia Delicacy Culture Specialty CooperativeLasa, XizangCHINA
Naidong District 1919 Wanxi Trading Co., Ltd.Shannan area, XizangCHINA
Nierong County Jiemei Catering Service Co., Ltd.Naqu area, XizangCHINA
Nyingchi Jinteng Industry Co., Ltd.Linzhi area, XizangCHINA
Renbu County Kangsa Rural Tourism Specialty CooperativeRikaze, XizangCHINA
Riwoqe County Ruixiu Trading Co., Ltd.Changdu area, XizangCHINA
Sangzhuzi District Qingke Catering Entertainment Co., Ltd.Rikaze, XizangCHINA
Sangzhuzi District Shuizhitang Foot Bath Health Care Co., Ltd.Rikaze, XizangCHINA
Shannan Prefecture Naidong County Liyao Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd.Shannan area, XizangCHINA
Shannan Youyicun Specialty Restaurant (General Parternship)Shannan area, XizangCHINA
Shannan Yunding Catering Co., Ltd.Shannan area, XizangCHINA
Shannan Yunke Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Xiangqu Garden HotelShannan area, XizangCHINA